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Name:Ed's Cheese Sandwich Contributor:Edward Walsh
Description:Ed Walsh's French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich Posted:1994-09-30
Key words:cheese, sandwich Category:Main Dishes
ID:134 Updated:2006-04-01 13:48:22
Nutmeg (optional)
Bread (I used your generic cheap bread in college, but some reasonable packaged
sort of sourdough bread is better.)
Cheese (American or other meltable cheese)
Preparation:Prepare egg and milk for making French Toast. I think some folks
add a little nutmeg right? However I never did.

Dip two slices of bread in the egg/milk mixture as per usual for
French Toast and put them in a pre-warmed frying pan at medium (I think.....
I haven't made this in a while).

When the first side of the bread is done, flip one of the slices, lay cheese on the upward done side of the first slice. Lift the second slice of bread and put it onto the first slice, done side down.

When the bottom of the sandwich is finished grilling, flip the whole
sandwich over and grill the remaining side.

To ensure melting of the cheese you may want to put a lid on it.

When done, lift onto a plate, cut and serve (or if you are in college,
just eat the thing without cutting ).
Notes:Variations on this are to put a slice of pre-cooked ham (Spam maybe?) on
top of the cheese and then a second slice of cheese before layering the
second slice of bread. I have also used bacon strips that I had pre-
viously cooked.

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