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Name:Chicken & Rice Contributor:Diana Lee Tracy
Description:DLT's clean-out-the-fridge Chicken & Rice Posted:1999-04-07
Key words:chicken, rice Category:Main Dishes
ID:297 Updated:2005-11-25 15:04:25
swiss cheese
Tomatos (or tomato sauce or juice)

Some of:
Carrots, radishes, snap or sugar peas, green onions, summer squash, leeks,
whatever you've got.
Preparation:Make a pot of rice, or use leftover rice.

Cut up veggies and saute them fast so that they carmelize a bit in either olive
oil or butter, to crisp-tender.

Add tomato sauce, or fresh juicy chopped tomatoes, or tomato juice, and cook
fast till almost dry. Deglaze with white wine and a touch of brandy. Add soy sauce to taste. Set aside, scraping the pan well. (You can add black olives, too, either the boring comfort food kind, or kalmatas)

Chop chicken breast into bitesize pieces and sitrfry till done in butter or
olive oil (with onions if you wish) (with bacon bits or prosciutto if you wish)

In a shallow casserole layer the rice, the veggies, the chicken, and slather
the whole thing with grated swiss cheese. Broil till cheese is melted and starting to brown.

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