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Name:Fonds Brun (Brown Stock), et al. Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:the basal form of brown sauce and variations Posted:2002-10-01
Key words:brown, stock, variations Category:Sauces
ID:380 Updated:2006-04-01 17:02:52
Ingredients:Water to cover
3 lb beef
2 lb veal bones
carrot, onion, leeks
bouquet garni
Preparation:Water to cover 3 lb beef + 2lb veal bones. Simmer 3 hours. Add carrot, onion, leeks. Add bouquet garni. Simmere 1 1/2 hours. Strain, cool, degrease. Use the meat and bones again to make glace de viande.


Pour 2 1/2 pints fonds brun on to a brown roux while stirring. Add 2 T tomato puree, 2 T mirepoix, a bouquet garni. Simmer 2 hours, skim often. Degrease.

Caramelize 2 T sugar. Add 4 T vinegar and reduce to half its volume. Add 1/2 pint Demi Glaze; simmer 15 minutes. Before serving add 1 1/2 oz currants, 1 1/2 oz chopped nuts (almonds or pine kernels)
* Tongue or braised veal

Cook a small chopped onion in a little butter. Add 8 oz dry wine and/or vinegar and reduce to half volume. Add 1/2 pint Demi Glaze.
* Meat or vegetables (very good with artichoke)

Cook mirepoix. Add 1/4 pint each vinegar and red wine, reduce by half. Add 1/2 pint Demi Glaze and 6 crushed pepper corns. Simmer 1 hour, skim and strain. If possible add 1 T redcurrant jelly.
* Game

Cook ham, mushrooms, and shallots in oil. To a cupful of that add cupful of any dry wine and reduce it to half its volume over a high heat. Add 2 cupfuls of Demi Glaze and 1 T tomato puree. Add chopped parsley, season, simmer 15 minutes.
* Liver, eggs, red meat.

Demi Glaze + chicken stock with trimmings of truffle and chopped mushroom. Add a little madiera that's been reduced by half.
* Red meat or game

Reduce 1/2 pint madiera to half its volume. Add 3/4 pint demi glaze and 1 T butter. Season. Stir until butter is absorbed then leave to simmer for 2 minutes
* Steak, ham, kidneys, veal, duck

Cook 2 T diced truffles in a little butter. Add 1/2 pint Sauce Madere.
* Pheasant, brains, any red meat

Cover bones + meat with cold water. Simmer 5 hours. Reduce rapidly until you have a thick, dark treacle. Cool. Use like meat extract.

Mash 1 T Glace de Viande into 4 oz soft butter, add a pinch of parsley and tarragon, and 1 t lemon juice.
* Lukewarm on grilled meat, chicken or fish. Fried fish becomes 'a la colbert' when served this way.
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