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Name:Hesh's Brew-Off Winner Contributor:Terry Powell
Description:The winner of a brew-off is certain to be a tasty treat. Posted:1995-02-23
Key words:beer Category:Beverages
ID:469 Updated:2005-11-28 06:50:25
Ingredients:9 lb 2-row
2 lb Vienna
1 lb Carapils
1/2 lb 60L Crystal
1/2 lb Flaked barley
Preparation:You can skip the flaked barley if you like, but the beer would lack
head (as did mine). I would recommend a nice warm, moist and
gently caressing protein rest at 125 degrees. This should help it
rise to appropriate stiffness. Head is good to come by.

Add 2 gallons and begin mash at 148 degrees. Raise temp over 15 minutes
to reach 155 degrees; hold for 60 minutes. Sparge 7 gallons.

I had a problem with the hops. Two are homegrown for one thing, and
I don't know the alpha level. Second, one of the packages lost its
label, so I'm not really sure what I added. Third, the hops used are
totally inappropriate for this beer. One should pick a better ale-style
selection and schedule. I just used what I had.

Boil schedule:

0 min. boil start
30 + 1 oz, I think it was Hallertaur
60 + 1 oz Centennial (crop of '93, this was labeled)
90 + irish moss
100 + 1 oz Saaz (store bought)
105 boil end

Chill, strain, transfer, etc. and add 1/2 qt starter from mini-mash
of 2-row made the day before. Yeast is Wyeast British Ale. Don't let
the temp get much below 65 -- this strain seems to be cold-sensitive.
Keep an electric blanket under it set on low during the evening if it
does get cold.

OG 1.066
FG 1.018

Bottle with 750 ml. gyle (saved after the boil).

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