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Name:Key Lime Pie Contributor:Rolland Waters
Description:Key Lime Pie Posted:2005-01-20
Key words:lime, pie Category:Desserts
ID:556 Updated:2006-04-02 11:05:23
Ingredients:commercial graham cracker crust - thinnest possible
1 can sweetened condensed milk
6-7 big limes or 20 key limes (about 1 c juice)
Preparation:Lightly grate all of the key limes or 2-3 of the big limes -- this is the essential step. If you grate the limes into a bit of lime juice it will stay nice and green and not brown in the air.

Juice the limes (doing this before grating makes the grating step onerous); add the grated lime peel.

Add all of the lime peel and most of the lime juice to the sweetened condensed milk, holding back just a little milk.

Keeping adding lime juice just until the lime / milk mixture starts to get less congealed; add remaining milk.

Pour the peel / lime / milk concoction into the graham cracker crust.

Add a meringue topping and bake until golden brown.

The double-extra probation secret is that this is actually better with normal limes rather than key limes!
Notes:missing oven temperature and time - pie pan size

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