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Name:Chili a la Randall Contributor:Randall Mietzner
Description:The Chili Season Posted:2001-10-29
Key words:beans, tomato, peppers Category:Main Dishes
ID:575 Updated:2005-12-11 10:21:51
Ingredients:1 bag of pinto beans
1 can of Chili beans
1 can of dark red kidney beans
1 can of 'Santa Fe Beans" ( on sale 2 fer $1 )
1 can of chili style stewed and sliced tomatos
1 yellow onion
1 anaheim pepper
1 yellow (bulb shaped) pepper
1 lb chuck steak
Preparation:Cooked 2 cups of pinto beans for about 2.5 hours in 4 quarts of water, and in the mean time, sliced and trimmed, & diced the meat, browned it with cumin, chilli seasoning, some onions and peppers, and set aside -

Waited for the beans to cook, then drained off the water, submerged the cooked pinto beans in fresh hot water, added tomato sauce, and the rest of the chili seasoning, chopped up the rest of the onion and peppers,- combined the rest of the ingredients and it made about 5 quarts of great chili.
Notes:Lazy sunday waiting for the World Series to start at 5PM. I went to the store and...

Think I'll have to make cornbread, tonight,

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