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Name:Cajun Fried Matzos Contributor:Leigh Ann Hussey
Description:Cajun Fried Matzos (Tabasco = Cajun, I guess.) Posted:2000-04-04
Key words:tabasco Category:Side Dishes
ID:597 Updated:2006-01-09 16:22:03
Ingredients:4 sheets matzos
4 eggs, beaten
1/4 c chopped chives or green onions
1/2 c milk
1 tsp sugar
Worcestershire sauce
Tabasco sauce
butter, for frying
Preparation:Recipe from "The Harley Biker's Cookbook"
1. Break up the matzos into pieces and put in a bowl. Pour enough boiling
water into the bowl to cover the matzos. Cover the bowl with a plate and
let sit for about 3 or 4 minutes.

2. Drain the water from the bowl. Add the beaten eggs and the chopped
chives or green onions, together with the milk and sugar. Mix well. Add 3
or 4 dashes each of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco.

3. Melt some butter in a pan (a nonstick one is best). When the butter
starts to turn brown, add the matzo mixture, pressing it down into the pan
to form a "pie". Cook over medium heat until the bottom is light brown. Flip over and brown the other side.

4. When ready, slide it out of the pan and cut into wedges. Sprinkle with
more chopped onion or chives, to garnish. Serve with sour cream and
strong black coffee.
Notes:Cookbook Review:


This one is very careful to disclaim "This is not an official
Harley-Davidson publication." and while it's well-larded with modern-day
photos of bikes in picturesque touring locations and the back cover
assures us, "Combines the fun and friendliness of the American motorcycle scene
with easy-to-follow cooking instructions..." and "All the recipes are
accompanied by motorcycling photographs and original anecdotes
illustrating the colorful Harley lifestyle", the bikes are definitely an
afterthought -- the author needed a "biker consultant".

But for all their corny names ("Thunder Grunt Stuffed Mushrooms", "Torque
Master Meatloaf") and dishes named for non-existent originators ("Benjie's
Beijing Spareribs", "Nicole's Nostalgia Lasagne"), the recipes are solid,
if a little high-brow in spots for "colorful bikers". The good ol' boy
pictured on page 52, with his leather "Johnny reb" hat and can of Bud
might, indeed, put away one or two of "Robyn's Spicy Fried Okra" on page
53, but definitely wouldn't be caught dead standing next to a plate of the
aforementioned mushrooms, much less "Claude's Blue Cheese Soup".

Nothing here you couldn't get elsewhere, so the book is really more of a
novelty than anything else. However, I couldn't resist:

[recipe above]

All the recipes have numbered steps, just like that one, and the portions
are generous (as they're very pleased to point out). I got mine as a
present; I don't think I'd've bought it for myself, but it's sort of fun
for completeness' sake.

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