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Name:40 Clove Chicken Modified Contributor:Matt "Cyber" Schreiner
Description:40 Clove Chicken Modified Posted:2002-09-12
Key words:chicken, garlic Category:Main Dishes
ID:614 Updated:2006-01-08 23:01:56
Ingredients:pre-diced garlic
Preparation:Use pre-diced garlic instead of cloves, all that work and then it all just got pureed in the blender, bah! If using whole cloves, probably better to also withhold 20 cloves or so (making sure to use extra of course to cover the loss in the sauce) to munch on with bites of chicken.

Instead of reducing the sauce by half, reduce by minimum of 3/4s... we had WAY more sauce than chicken to mop it up with.

After the puree, drop everything back into the pan and thicken up that sauce some more. One idea I had also was, after the garlic was done cooking, drop the excess flour from the breading into the mix and make a quick roux with the oils from the browning, and still allow a smooth mixture in with the liquids. Then, after the puree with the heavy cream this should thicken it up a bit more and do nicely I think.

How's it go again: Start with good ingreadients, don't screw 'em up, and serve.
Notes:> But I think that I will make this recipe tomorrow:
> http://www.whitington.com/unclebubba/wing/40clove/
(This is no longer operative. Go to http://www.archive.org/ and enter the URL there to find a copy.)

So, If anyone else is considering this or already done it, I dunno what your results were, but Jodi and I just finished this and ... dissapointing. :(

It wasn't NEARLY lethal enough, even with 4 whole sprigs (78 cloves) and took far too much effort for the payoff, and we were hoping for much more. But, all is not lost, I have a recommendation list! :)

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