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Name:Pasta Veloce Toxic Garlic Butter Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Pasta Veloce toxic garlic butter Posted:2005-11-06
Key words:garlic, butter Category:Other
ID:672 Updated:2005-12-10 16:37:14
Ingredients:6 to 12 garlic cloves
1 lb butter, slightly softened
Preparation:Pound garlic in a mortar until quite smooth (this is the Trick. Because there are no hot garlicky chunks, much more garlic can be hidden in the butter).

Combine garlic paste and butter in a mixer, beat until well mixed.
Don't beat too long, or the butter will be too soft to form easily.

Roll butter in freezer wrap. I slop roughly equal sized lumps in a line along a couple of feet of wrap, leaving about six inches on each end for stretching and sealing, then fold over and press and roll gently to get a round cylinder about the same cross section as the butter sticks you started with.

Freeze for a few minutes to stiffen, correct shape, fridge or freeze WELL WRAPPED until ready to use. Keeps well in freezer.

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Notes:> Martin Golding wrote:
> > the foresight to make toxic garlic butter.

> I am sure that this has been addressed before.
> Is this softened butter & mashed garlic, combined with sufficient
> time allowed for proper melding of flavor?


> I am sure that I *need* this!

Planning on ending your social life, or are you going to feed it as a tarticide to your SO?

> The recipe is going on my short list. But I don't understand, what
> could possibly be toxic about garlic butter?

Postprandial exhalation.

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