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Name:Morel Loaf Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Morel mushroom sandwith with roasted garlic Posted:1993-05-26
Key words:mushroom, sandwich Category:Main Dishes
ID:697 Updated:2006-04-02 14:33:30
Ingredients:A baguette (french loaf), preferably with a fine crisp crust.
Enough morels to fill the baguette, sliced (about 3/8" thick)
Enough butter to saute the morels
Oil-Roasted Garlic and some of the garlic oil
Preparation:Slice the top off the baguette, and pull the bread out of the middle.
Toast the loaf for about 4 minutes and the top about 2 in a 350 degree oven or until crispy.

Saute the sliced morels in a little butter until limp and just a touch brown.

Brush the loaf and top lightly inside and out with the reserved garlicky oil.

Smear some (6 to 12) of the smothered garlic cloves on the bottom of the loaf.

Stuff the loaf with the sauteed morels, cover with the top. Slice in appropriate serving portions with a sharp, serrated knife.

Serve as a first course, or with a salad and a hearty wine.
Notes:OBmoto: Garlic has surprisingly large amounts of fiber. Don't eat this for dinner the day before a ride.
OBwallet: Other mushrooms ought to substitute nicely. I wish I could still get Agaricus Augustus.

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