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Name:RnF BBQ Sauce Contributor:markb
Description:BBQ sauce Posted:1996-07-09
Key words:BBQ Category:Sauces
ID:717 Updated:2006-04-04 21:41:35
Ingredients:2 industrial size cans of tomato sauce (gallon apiece, I think)
2 really large yellow onions, chopped
~2/3 c chili powder
~1/3-1/2 c dried garlic powder and a bit more
(if using fresh garlic, this is about 3 heads of garlic worth)
~1/3 c black pepper
~1/8 c red pepper (cayenne powder)
~2 Tbsp crushed red chilis
2/3 c Lea & Perrins Worchestershire sauce
3-5 Tbsp of Kitchen Bouquet (most of a small bottle)
1 lb dark brown sugar
1.5 c white vinegar
2 Tbsp of fennel seed, whole
4-6 12-oz bottles of good beer, ice cold
Preparation:Put all but the last ingredient into a large soup pot/cauldron.
(Make sure ahead of time the pot will hold all of this stuff.)
Mix well all but last ingredient and stir often at low heat. The
sauce should bubble very slowly so as not so burn the sauce.
Add last ingredient to the cook, 1 bottle at a time, as required
throughout the cooking and simmering process.

Keep sauce at a simmer and add stuff depending on what it needs
as it thickens. Use your own sense of smell and taste to determine
which way you think the sauce needs to go as it progresses.
I thickened this last batch for about 4-5 hr, covered sometimes
and sometimes not, depending on my mood and whether
or not I remembered to put the lid on. Sometimes it needs a bit of
an edge, so add more vinegar and maybe a dash of thyme. (A dash
in this volume is a tablespoon or so.) Let the tastes merge by leaving
the sauce at room temperature, covered, overnight.
Notes:Since a number of folks asked, here's my best recollection
of what went into the last batch of BBQ sauce used on
ribs at this year's RnF. I didn't measure a damned bit of
what I put in, so these are only estimates. I do this by sight,
smell and taste. YMMV.

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