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Name:Chantrelles a la Deep Dark Forest Contributor:Vernon Wade
Description:Chantrelles al a Deep Dark Forest Posted:1997-11-07
Key words:mushrooms Category:Side Dishes
ID:736 Updated:2006-01-08 19:47:57
slab of pepperbacon
firewood to flavor
Preparation:Peel vine maple branch to make roasting stick.
Clear duff to bare dirt.
Make small fire- fuel will determine flavor- I favor pinebark slabs from old stumps, damp maple gives a smoky flavor, damp cotton wood moreso verging on stench, cedar spicy sweet, fir rather pedestrian.
Whittle maple toothpicks.
Wrap one thick slice of pepper bacon around one large chanterelle, pinning in place with toothpicks.
Spit mushroom on maple stick and sear on all sides over hot flame. Move down to hot coals (pinebark works well; you can take advantage of heat reflected off slabs) and cook, turning, until you are satisfied bacon is well done.
Mushroom should still be firm, but hot throughout.
Eat hot and steaming from stick, and repeat until sated.
Douse fire thoroughly, scatter ashes and replace duff.
Notes:The following recipes are from my unpublished best selling cookbook "COOKING FOR GUYS".
Dry measurements are in the traditional guys measurements table on the inside front cover:
a pinch, a three finger pinch, a dollop, a gob, a bunch, a whole bunch and GODDAMMIT (the lid just fell off the cayenne/black pepper/salt/etc.).
Liquid measurements follow, using the same scale: a sprinkle, a splash, a glop, a jigger, 1/2 beer can, a beer can, oh well(double/triple/quadruple/etc. to accommodate unexpected increase in volume).
"Dicing" or "chopping" refers to hacking ingredients into large chunks. They should under no circumstances be cut smaller than the tip of your severed thumb, measured from the first knuckle.
Flour, cornmeal or oatmeal can correct a watery recipe; adding flour can compensate for too much hot pepper, but this can become an uncorrectable fault so go easy with the peppers, especially in deserts! Adding potatoes can correct over salting (to a point.)
When adding liquor to recipes be sure to reserve some for yourself and always remember the advice of a former girlfriend, who once said of my cooking "It's better if you don't look".

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