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Name:BB's BBQ Beans for the Masses Contributor:Randall Mietzner
Description:Large scale baked bean recipe Posted:2000-06-15
Key words:BBQ, beans, entertaining, fast Category:Main Dishes
ID:745 Updated:2006-01-13 08:15:34
Ingredients:Longhorn BBQ sauce (sweet and not thick bbq sauce)
Cans of beans, all kinds:
(2) Pork and Beans
(1) Texas style beans
(3) red kidney beans, drained
several cans of baked beans, the smaller ones that come in various flavors, enough cans of beans to fill the alum foil pan to 3/4th full.

a couple of pork chops
a big yellow onion, a big purple onion
Preparation:I begin the beans in a big 6-quart dutch oven to get warmed. Drain the
kidney beans (usually come in a thick clearish liquid you don't want) and
add half or more of the BBQ sauce.

Grill the porkchops well done, remove the meat from the bones, trim
the fat and chop into little pieces. Chop the onions up and saute. Toss the
chopped-up pork into the onions and when the onions are done, add to the

Let it simmmer an hour, then pour into the alum. foil pan.

Put in the oven at 200 degrees, overnight to reduce. I usually
cover it with foil, and you'll end up with killer BBQ beans.
Equipment:9"x11"x3" alum. foil pan, for easy clean-up

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