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Name:I made a tomato sauce Contributor:Jack Tavares
Description:tomato sauce Posted:2008-10-16
Key words:tomato, egypt Category:Sauces
ID:862 Updated:2008-10-16 07:40:25
Ingredients:2 kilos fresh tomato(e)s
2 heads garlic
4 red onions[1]
fresh (frozen) basil
4 or 5 red chili peppers
sherry vinegar
Preparation:cut up the red onions[1]
add olive oil to large soup/stock pan
saute onions on high heat for about 5 minutes.
turn down heat.

peel garlic.
throw all the garlic into a mini food processor (no oil)
with some salt and pepper
spin the crap out of em until they are finely diced.

put diced garlic in pan. turn heat back up.
saute for a minute or two,

chunk up the tomatos. Did not dice, cut in maybe 1/8 s or 1/16s.

dump in tomatos
add salt, pepper, thyme and oregano
add about 1 cup of tomato juice.

Remember that you wanted to add chilis
Get chilis out of freezer [2]

cut up chilis throw in pot.

Bring to a roiling boil, reduce heat to simmer and reduce moisture.

Email wife: ask her to stop and get basil since we have none.
Get email back saying "is there a reason you don't want
to use the frozen basil in the freezer?"[2]

Frozen basil works great for this. It crumbles when cut which is
way easier than trying to shred it.

Throw in basil.

let simmer for another hour or so taste.
Notes:[1] 4 red onions sounds like a LOT of red onions. But there
are several factors at work
the onions are small here
the onions have very thick skins
the onions have very thick and tough cores
there is a lot of rot and mold on the onion.
By the time you end up cleaning up what you have, 4 egyptian red onions
is probably equal to 2 small US red onions or 1 large US red onion.

[2] You had to look RIGHT AT the frozen basil in the freezer
to get frozen chili peppers. Doh.

I added some sherry vinegar near the end which gave it a nice depth.

I also did something that I have never done with my pasta sauces before:
I added a small amount of sugar. maybe a teaspoon or two
I poured some into the palm of my hand and said
"that looks about right"

Not much, but the sauce had an "edge", sort of in the back
of the throat. Acidity from the tomatos or maybe the vinegar.
The sugar did not materially change the _taste_ of the sauce
but cut that edge.
If that makes sense.

This resulted in a somewhat chunky sauce LOADED with garlic.
Equipment:Kaddee bought a big ass[1] soup/stock pot a while ago.

I have actually gone downstairs to the student cafeteria, and in
broken arabic/english/hand gestures asked the egyptian
equivalent of the lunch lady with a hair net[2]
to borrow a pot because our pots aren't big
enough for stock/sauce.

We have looked for bigger pots, but they were all crap
Thin walled, and poorly made.

She finally found one that was decent 18/10
stainless and looked like it would hold up.
So she bought it.

It is made in Turkey (I hate to say it, but
if you want something of decent quality,
materials and workmanship, if it says
"made in egypt" look for an import)

Great pot for stock, soups and big batches
of tomato sauce.

As I was cleaning it the last time, I looked
at the bottom of it and it said

had four picture/symbols and under each one it had a caption


Signifying that it would work on any of those type stoves.

My question is, what the heck is VITRO?

[1] not martin values of "big ass". or even jack values
of making-5-gallons-of-wort-from-scratch,big ass,
but egyptian ex-pat big ass.
What martin would probably call

[2] Except there is no hair net. And there are no women
in the kitchen cafeteria[3]

[3] There are almost NO women in service jobs in egypt.
They are almost all men.

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