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Name:Mom's Round Steak Contributor:Carl Paukstis
Description:Round Steak with mushroom gravy Posted:2008-11-15
Key words:cheap easy comfort Category:Main Dishes
ID:863 Updated:2008-11-15 08:56:14
Ingredients:A pound of pound and a half of thinnish sliced round steak
salt, pepper, garlic powder, maybe Lawry's salt
A couple of medium onions
Beef bullion
2 cans Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup
Preparation:Get about a pound or pound and a half of round steak. Thin-sliced, less than 3/4 inch, is best.

Season it with salt, pepper, garlic powder, maybe Lawry's salt.

Sometimes Rhonda uses powdered beef bullion in the rub. If using bullion, cut down or eliminate salt.

Brown it quickly in a little oil in a heavy 12-14" skillet that has a cover.

When the meat is almost brown, add 1-2 coarsely-chopped medium onions, cook a little until translucent.

Add enough water to completely cover the meat and onion, plus a little.

Turn heat down to simmer. Cover the skillet. Simmer for 2.5 - 3 hours. Water should be reduced by maybe 1/3 by this time.

Remove meat and set aside.

Add 2 cans Cream of Muchroom soup. Stir and blend. [Mom used flour to make a browned roux before adding the soup. Rhonda doesn't do this, but sometimes takes out some of the water, in order to have the gravy thick enough. It's a matter of preference.]

Turn heat up to Medium and bring the soup/gravy to a slow boil. Put the meat back in, blend and simmer the soup/gravy/meat mixture for 10-30 minutes while you boil the potatoes to mash (in a separate pot). Watch out for mushrooms sticking to the bottom of the pan and scorching - use lower heat or simmer for shorter time.

Serve with mashed potatoes and corn.

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