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Name:Pizza dough Contributor:Dean Woodward
Description:Basic general purpose pizza dough Posted:2011-02-25
Key words:Pizza dough Category:Main Dishes
ID:886 Updated:2011-02-28 08:14:24
Ingredients:2 cups bread flour -or- whole wheat -or- combination of.
3/4 cup water
1 Tbs sugar / honey
1 Tbs olive oil
2 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp yeast
Preparation:Throw it all in a stand mixer with bread hook, turn on low. After flour starts to be wetted turn on higher speed; allow to knead for 10-15 minutes (less for for whole wheat?) May have to stop a few times and strip the dough off the hook.

Form a smooth ball, place on non-stick surface and cover with plastic or it will dry out on the surface. It needs to about doubled in size; I let it sit out for a couple hours then refrigerate overnight.

Flatten with hands into thick disk, then roll or toss as desired. This will make two small pizzas or one pizza from 12 to 16 inches, depending on how thick a crust you like.
Notes:Originally stolen from Alton Brown, tweaked ever so slightly to suit my tastes. All purpose flour will work in a pinch, but it will be very soft. Pure whole wheat will be rather tough. Current household favorite is a mix of half whole wheat / half bread flour.

I've added, on occasion, garlic powder or other various spices to the dough.

I make double or triple this amount. Note that a smaller Kitchen Aide mixer will probably strip it's gears on a triple batch and may struggle with a double; my bigger machine can handle a triple batch initially but I have to finish kneading the dough by hand, or split it in half after it comes together and let the machine do half at a time, then recombine and split into thirds.
Equipment:Stand mixer, can probably do without.

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